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How Much Weight Can You Lose in 6 Weeks with Intermittent Fasting?

How Much Weight Can You Lose in 6 Weeks with Intermittent Fasting?

It is different strokes for different folks with intermittent fasting. In simple terms, how much weight people lose in as little as one month to 6 weeks differs. The best we can do is to give a range going by studies and reports. However, even this figure does not cut across everyone that engages in intermittent fasting.

From our studies, it is possible to lose between 6 – 10 pounds of body weight in a month with intermittent fasting. With a more aggressive approach, some people can record weight loss amounting to more than 10 pounds.

But this is just based on aggregate reports as several factors are involved. Some of these factors and making the most of intermittent fasting will be discussed in this study on the weight loss page of the International Health Alliance website. So, read on!

What Is Intermittent Fasting and Does It Help with Weight Loss?

Intermittent fasting is about having a defined alternate time for eating your food and fasting. People that engage in it will have to alternate between an eating window and a fasting window. The eating and fasting periods could be for hours at a stretch, a day, or even 2 or more days.

Seeing how there are many versions, you should choose one that is best suited for you. This also implies engaging in a version that does not threaten the healthy living of the person fasting. To describe it succinctly, intermittent fasting is hinged on restricted eating.

As a result, chief among the benefits is calorie restriction; which supports weight loss. When you eat less of your time, you have less exposure to calories from foods.

Intermittent fasting is a weight loss tactic for the most part. However, some people indulge in it for reasons aside from achieving weight loss goals. For example, some of its benefits especially as noted by well-conducted studies include:

  • Improving cardiovascular health – Especially by properly regulating blood pressure levels
  • Supporting retentive memory
  • Better management of several types of diabetes
  • Improves physical performance and supports increased energy levels over time

These are just a few of the positive effects of engaging in an intermittent fast (asides from achieving weight loss goals). But essentially, it is mostly engaged in for weight loss reasons and it works. This is as long as it is done the right way.

What Determine how Fast and How Much Weight Can be Lost with Intermittent Fasting

Some of the factors that influence how fast and how much weight can be lost when you engage in intermittent fast include the following:

Type of Intermittent Fast You Engage in

There are several types of intermittent fasting and they produce results at different paces. So, the version you engage in is a determinant.


There is one loophole with several versions of intermittent fasting. It is that they are less concerned with what you eat and more interested in when you eat. The problem with this is that some people overload themselves with calories during the period set aside for eating.

So, you need to pay attention to your diet every day and week to get the desired weight loss results. Other than ensuring your diet (during the eating time) has fewer calories, every meal that makes up your diet should support healthy living.

For example, consume less sugar and more fiber. Water consumption is also important. You can even drink water while fasting.

Overdependence on Intermittent Fasting

Of course, intermittent fasting works. But even for health reasons, you should not be solely reliant on this tactic. For instance, those who play down the importance of exercise will likely not see the desired result soon enough.

Besides, exercise will help you lose more fat while increasing and building muscle mass in your body. Proper nutrition (as explained above) is also important.

Basal Metabolic Rate

Your body’s peculiarities also matter. This is especially as it concerns your basal metabolic rate.

Do you want other relevant and interesting weight loss information? Then, check other articles on our weight loss page. For example, you can find out how to take phentermine 37.5 for the best results.

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