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What Side Is Your Appendix on Your Body?

What Side Is Your Appendix on Your Body?

We have come across some sources that claim the appendix plays no role in the body. Well, we beg to differ as such claims are exaggerated. While it is possible to live without this part of the abdominal section, having it intact comes with health benefits. Here in the welfare section of the International Health Alliance website, we can help you better understand this health subject if only you read on.

Location and Description of the Appendix

The appendix is located on the lower right part of a person’s abdomen. For starters, there are still unknown things about the appendix. This is especially considering how it can be removed from a person’s body without the person facing complications thereafter.

However, some of the facts gathered about the appendix suggest that it is a storage space for good bacteria (probiotics). It is a part of the body where the growth of these beneficial microbes is supported.

The appendix is a part of the organs that make up the GI and even the digestive tract. The length of the appendix is somewhere between 2 – 4 inches. It is a small tube-like organ stationed at the colon’s end (which is in the large intestine) in the abdomen.

Appendicitis – Major Complication with the Appendix

Serious pain in the lower right part of the abdomen is the first giveaway sign that you have appendicitis. This is especially if it starts in the navel side of the belly. This sort of pain can be suggestive of a few other things. However, appendicitis is one of the possibilities, and a huge one at that.

Many people in this country and beyond have had to undergo appendectomies. This is a result of dealing with severe pain and other complications caused by appendicitis. Other than the severe pain on this side of the abdomen, some of the suggestive signs and symptoms include:

  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Appetite loss
  • Nausea
  • Gas buildup (leading to bloating)

If pain in the belly is traced to appendicitis, appendectomy is the common medical care decision taken by a doctor or healthcare service provider. It is simply a surgery aimed at removing the appendix.

Timely Need for Appendectomy

There are situations in which what is required is removing the appendix on time. This is why appendectomy can be an emergency surgery. One of the reasons for having this surgery on time is to ensure the appendix does not burst (rupture).

If the appendix gets to burst before surgery, this can lead to a more serious health concern – peritonitis. It is an infection spreading across the abdomen as a result of a ruptured appendix.

What Is the Purpose of Appendectomy?

Usually, there are two reasons why this abdominal pain is treated using this surgery. The first is to avoid further complications in the abdominal area and the belly at large. This is talking about the possible spread of infection caused by a ruptured appendix – peritonitis. It is best to avoid this because:

  • Its treatment is complicated
  • Treatment will most likely be repeated (instead of once and for all)
  • Recovery is a lengthy process

The second reason is to alleviate and ultimately stop the pain caused by the inflammation of the appendix – appendicitis. As mentioned earlier, it is very possible to have this part of the abdominal area removed without complications thereafter. This is especially with the proper use of antibiotics and other required treatment solutions.

What to Do if You Have Appendicitis

Just so you know, appendicitis is one of the common health issues. However, you can avoid it, especially with proper nutrition and proper eating etiquette. One important tip would be to drink enough water. If you believe you have this condition, then see your doctor or healthcare service provider.

First, you will be made to undergo some tests for confirmation and to see the extent of the inflammation. Afterward, surgery might be suggested.

Do not forget you can access other health-related information on the welfare page of the International Health Alliance website. For example, you can find out if women can take Tums while pregnant.

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