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Can You Drink Energy Drinks while Pregnant?

Can You Drink Energy Drinks while Pregnant?

Feeling tired, exhausted, and in a state of fatigue during pregnancy is not an uncommon experience. This is especially considering the aftermath of common symptoms like hot flashes in the body during pregnancy. As a result, drinking energy drinks while pregnant seems like a good decision.

But understanding the sensitive state of pregnancy, can you drink energy drinks while pregnant? This is not advised because the health of pregnant women and their unborn baby can be adversely affected by the ingredients in energy drinks.

This is especially with caffeine. So, you should rather consume more healthy options for you during pregnancy. Water, moderate amounts of caffeinated beverages like tea, and fruit juice from trusted sources are examples. For a better understanding of why you should avoid energy drinks during pregnancy, continue to read this article on the sexuality page of the International Health Alliance website.

Caffeine – The Ingredient Pregnant Women Should Be Careful About

As far as caffeine consumption during pregnancy is concerned, this subject is quite tricky for some. For one, this is because caffeine offers these people certain benefits. It could help relieve headaches, improve focus, and boost energy levels.

However, the safe state of a pregnant woman and her baby can be threatened when an elevated amount of this content is consumed. So, while you do not outrightly need to avoid caffeinated beverages like tea and coffee, consume them moderately.

In other words, it should only make up a minute part of your diet every day. This will be good for your health during pregnancy.

Judging from various studies on platforms like the NIH, moderate intake means that these women should not have any more than 200mg of caffeine during pregnancy. To be quite frank, it is best if your caffeine intake every day is not up to this. That would be between 1 to 2 cups of (every 6-ounce cup) of coffee.

Why Energy Drinks Are a NO During Pregnancy

Many (if not all) energy drinks contain too much caffeine. It is such that consumption causes exposure to many risk factors during pregnancy. Judging by several trusted studies, consuming energy drinks even during the breastfeeding stage is not deemed safe. As it concerns the health of the baby and pregnant woman, some of the risk factors include:

  • Low birth weight
  • Miscarriage
  • Increased anxiety
  • High blood pressure
  • Restlessness

These are just a few of the possible side effects of consuming too much caffeine during pregnancy. It is also worth knowing that studies as to its effects are still ongoing. Some reports are even based on tests conducted on animals and not humans.

But other than having incredibly high levels of caffeine that are not safe for pregnant women, many energy drinks also contain ingredients that are not good for consumption during pregnancy. Some of them include:

  • Sugar in incredibly high amounts – Which can cause cardiovascular complications
  • Several artificial sweeteners in place of high-calorie sugar but with damaging effects. Saccharin is an example
  • Excessive amounts of B vitamins – Which can make the face very red, cause nerve damage, and cause increased heartbeat
  • L-Carnitine – Which can even make morning sickness worse

There is a long list of other questionable ingredients that we cannot outline here. So, it is just best to avoid consuming energy drinks for this reason.

Do you want other relevant and interesting health information? Then, check other articles on our sexuality page. For example, you can find out how soon a doctor can detect pregnancy using a pelvic exam.

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