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Does Alcohol Make You Gain Weight?

Does Alcohol Make You Gain Weight?

Based on an abundant amount of studies, there are mixed reactions as to whether or not alcohol intake can lead to weight gain and obesity. However, it is safe to say that most of these studies (and pretty recent ones) stress that alcohol intake is capable of causing body weight gain.

Likewise, our study has revealed that drinking alcohol can be a culprit for weight gain and obesity. Do you want to find out how? Then keep reading this article on the International Health Alliance weight loss section as it will help you understand better.

Alcohol-Associated Weight Gain

Now that we have gone ahead to tell you how obesity can be linked to alcoholic drinks, there are other associated facts that you need to be aware of. These details will help you better understand how alcohol consumption can affect Body Mass Index (BMI).

Possible Ways Alcohol Can Lead to Weight Gain and Obesity

By and large, alcohol-associated weight gain or obesity is less about the alcoholic drink and more about its effects on the body. Some of the possible ways drinking alcohol can make people gain weight include:

  • Negative impacts on body metabolism – This happens as alcohol stops or slows down the fat-burning process
  • Inciting hunger hormones and causing drinkers to consume high-calorie foods – As a result, drinkers may have a strong craving for food with heightened levels of sodium for instance
  • Alcohol has high amounts of kilojoules (that is, the energy in calories and how the impact of calories is measured)

All of these are the weight gain effects of alcohol consumption. This is why alcohol intake needs to be moderate if it must be taken in the first place.

Some Drinks Contain More Calories than Others

Certain drinks contain higher amounts of calories than others. This is why drinking certain alcoholic drinks like beer are not advisable for someone that wants to lose excess body fat. If any such drink has to be taken by people who want to lose body fat or weight, options such as wine are better.

Although wine is not a zero-calorie option, it does not contain as many calories as beer. So, those hoping to lose weight while still drinking alcohol should stay off, or drastically reduce their consumption of beer. Options like beer expose your body’s metabolism to more calories than it can handle in a day.

And on the sidelines, some are healthy options compared to others. Wine is more beneficial in several ways when compared to beer. But whether beer, wine, or spirits; intake of alcohol needs to be moderate. This is a healthy tip that ensures drinkers do not end up with alcohol-related complications. Some of these complications include:

  • Increased risk of liver disease
  • Increased risk of stroke and other heart-related diseases
  • Shooting up blood pressure levels
  • Increasing lipids in the blood
  • Can adversely affect the quality of your sleep
  • Causing fetal damage for pregnant women

For these reasons, heavy drinkers need to cut down on alcohol consumption. People with alcohol addiction issues should also make sure to get professional treatment or help before it affects them in the aforementioned ways. It would be best if you can maintain an alcohol-free diet but if you can’t, it should only make up a tiny bit of your diet.

Men Are More Likely to be Affected

In either men or women, alcohol intake can cause weight gain and obesity. However, studies have revealed that men are more likely to have this issue than women. Well, we could just explain it as due to the distinct features between the bodies of men as compared to women. For example, women are more likely to want to lose arm fat since they are more likely to have arm fat.

Mainly Accumulated in the Form of Belly Fat

Especially for men, alcohol-associated body weight gain usually ends up as belly fat. Heavy consumers are more likely to have fat accumulated in the belly than in other body parts.

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