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When Do You Start to Feel Hot During Pregnancy?

When Do You Start to Feel Hot During Pregnancy?

Pregnant women do not start feeling hot at the same time during pregnancy. This is because of the unique nature of their hormonal changes and other responsible factors. But by and large, it is somewhere between the Eighth to the twentieth week of pregnancy. Usually, it happens during the first trimester which is (considerably) early.

We bet you want to find out more about why (most) pregnant women feel hot when they are pregnant. Read on as the information shared here will be of great help.

Factors That Lead to Women Feeling Hot When They Are Pregnant

Are you a pregnant woman that feels chills and hot flashes? First off, you should be aware that this is associated with your current state – Pregnancy. You see, pregnancy is a whole new ballgame.

This is why your decisions all through the various stages should be guided. For example, there is what you can and cannot eat and use as a pregnant woman. Well, as it concerns the subject of why pregnant women feel hot, a couple of factors are responsible for this newfound (but uncomfortable) feeling and they include:

Overworked Blood Vessels and Heart

The body needs to deal with more blood during pregnancy. This is quite understandable as another being is stationed in the woman’s body during pregnancy. As a result, the increased amount of blood is to cater to pregnant women and their baby or babies.

The increased volume that now circulates implies that the vessels will now become overworked. One of the effects is the widening of these channels. They become so wide that they come closer to the skin. This causes overheating and some other things.

Just as these channels are put under more pressure, the heart is also made to work a lot more than it normally would. This is for the same reason – increased blood volume. The effects on the heart are also a factor responsible for overheating.

Hormonal Changes

A condition like pregnancy does not leave women the same way. Hormonal changes take place to accommodate the presence of the growing fetus (baby) in the womb. These changes do not entirely happen smoothly.

On that note, increased body temperature is one of the prices pregnant women have to pay. So, know that heat flashes are just one of the costs of carrying that joyful being in your womb.

A condition like pregnancy does not leave women the same way

What Can Be Done to Cool the Body Temperature During Pregnancy?

There are times the best you can do is manage the hot body temperature. There are also times your concern would be to avoid overheating cases. For both times, a few tips to help out include the following:

Staying hydrated by drinking lots of water

Drinking sufficient water does you a lot of good. This is especially in your state of pregnancy. First, it will help cool your body heat. This will cause your blood pressure levels to be well regulated (to reduce). Water also flushes toxins in the body and benefits your skin in more ways than you can imagine.

Make Your Environment Cool

You cannot control the weather conditions, but you can control your immediate environment. So, make it as cool as possible. This also means you have to avoid hot locations – saunas, hot tubs, hot baths, electric blankets, heat pads, and more.

Make Use of Natural Solutions

Things like coconut and peppermint oil have been proven to help cool the body. So, you can use them to manage and avoid overheating in the body as a pregnant woman.

Get Enough Rest

Do you know that Sleep is a huge part of metabolism tricks for weight loss and weight gain? That is how impactful sleep can be. It is also impactful during pregnancy.

Your hormones, several body organs, and more are very engaged during pregnancy. The least you can do is give them some rest to function better and see fewer side effects. For this reason, you need to sleep and sleep enough. Your body will have less pressure to deal with when you sleep. So, get enough sleep!


In light of what you have read in this piece, you are now aware of some developments during pregnancy. One of them is the huge possibility of having a hot temperature. While there are explainable reasons for this, there are also tips that can help keep the situation at bay or even manage it. You now know them having read the details here.

There may also be a need to see your doctor. This is especially when pregnancy signs and symptoms (including temperature rise) are unbearable and/or persistent. In addition, you can visit the International Health Alliance welfare section for more related and helpful information.

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