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Can You Eat Sausage When Pregnant?

Can You Eat Sausage When Pregnant?

By and large, pregnant women can eat sausages without any negative impact on the mother and baby. However, this is as long as they – eat the right kind of sausage, have it prepared (cooked) properly, and understand when to avoid sausages.

This article on the welfare page of the International Health Alliance website will discuss this subject. So, read on to find out more.

Do Sausages Offer Anything Special During Pregnancy?

As meat products, various sausage types are high in essential nutrients like protein, fat, vitamin B12, and even iron (which is very important during pregnancy). But even with these nutritional benefits, we would not tag them as the best means of getting these nutrients.

There are other and probably better alternatives. But if preparation rules are followed (most especially), there should be no problem with pregnant women eating sausage foods like deli meat.

Proper Preparation of Sausage Food for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy requires paying extra attention to one’s health. This is why certain things that are not a problem with regular people might be a problem for pregnant women. For example, pregnant women cannot use every regular kind of antacid. For example, this has left some asking if women can take Tums while pregnant.

It is in the same manner questions are being asked about if it is ideal for pregnant women to eat sausages. Just so you know, the golden rule is that any sausage food eaten during pregnancy has to be properly cooked.

Proper cooking will require that it is subjected to heat and best served hot. Depending on the kind of sausage, you should cook the food at medium heat between 160 – 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is to make sure healthy living is not compromised as exposure to harmful bacteria like Listeria is a risk with undercooked sausage and meats at large. For something safe and bacteria-free, have your raw meats (including sausage foods) well cooked before eating.

Sausage Options and if You Should Eat Them during Pregnancy

Sausage Options and if You Should Eat Them during Pregnancy

Some sausage options are better off for pregnant women than others. Some require special attention before they ought to be consumed during pregnancy. To have a better understanding, take note of the following:

Semi-Dry and Dry Sausages

These are dried meats (as the name suggests). But they also happen to be fermented. Some end up this way simply by being cooked, while some are cultured using lactic acid.

Examples of semi-dry sausages include summer sausage, Lebanon bologna, Thuringer, and cervelat. Examples of the completely dry type include pepperoni, genoa salami, and soppressata. Seeing how dry sausages are not cooked, you should make sure to cook them properly.

Fresh Sausages

These sausages can be made from parts such as the kidney, heart, and liver. Except for the liver (which pregnant women are advised to avoid), every other fresh sausage option is fine as long as cooked well. Examples include fresh beef sausages, breakfast sausages, Italian sausages, and fresh pork sausages.

Smoked and Cooked Sausages

Options like the popular hotdog fall into this category. You can have them but make sure they are properly reheated. This is to kill any harmful bacteria like Listeria; which can threaten your healthy living.

Cured Sausages

Don’t give into the temptation of eating your cured sausages or even cold-cured meats until they have been properly cooked. This is because such meats can still have bacteria until they are properly subjected to heat. So, treat your pepperoni and salami in this manner.

Other Things to Take Note of

Proper Hygiene Is Important

You should leave no stone untouched with proper hygiene during pregnancy. For example, your raw meats need to be properly washed before preparation. The same goes for your fish and other edibles.

Also, things like your pan, the platform where your raw meats will be chopped, and all should be well-cleaned and managed. This is to avoid ingesting harmful bacteria.

Be Careful with Salt

The risk attached to excessive salt consumption during pregnancy is undesirable. High blood pressure is just one of them. So, watch your salt intake. This includes getting processed sausage products already seasoned with salt and other things.

By and large, you need to understand the place of nutrition during pregnancy. For example, there is how your eggs should and should not be prepared during pregnancy. Also, there is a safe amount of caffeine products that can be taken each day or week. Understand these details as they are important.

Do you want other relevant and related information? Then, check other articles on our welfare page. For example, you can find out what vitamins you should take daily as a woman.

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