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What Vitamins Should I Take Daily for a Woman?

What Vitamins Should I Take Daily for a Woman?

There is a long list of vitamins and these vitamins are important for healthy living. This is because of their positive impact on the body. This is why people need information on what vitamins to consume and how much to take daily. So, this article on the nutrition page of the International Health Alliance website will discuss some vitamins women should consume daily.

Vitamins Needed by Women Daily

The importance of certain vitamins cannot be overemphasized for women’s health. This is why women should avoid their deficiency at all costs. For example, a deficiency of certain vitamins will cause the activities of free radicals in the body to go unchecked.

Worst still, the deficiency of certain vitamins and essential minerals can increase one’s chances of having cancer disease. To avoid any risk that the lack of insufficient amount of vitamins can cause in women, here are some of the vitamins needed daily by women every day:

Vitamin C

There are so many vitamins and we just cannot discuss every one of them. But we cannot avoid missing vitamin C. This is considering how important it is.

Also known as ascorbic acid, it is crucial for the development of red blood cells in the body. As a result, it facilitates healing when required by the body. But other than this, vitamin C does help people with concentration and alertness. This happens by boosting the levels of norepinephrine for brain use.

Vitamin D

The amazing thing about vitamin D is that it does more than just the work of a vitamin. It also plays the role of a hormone. This is by aiding in the movement of phosphorus and calcium in the body. Seeing how both phosphorus and calcium are essential for healthy bones, a lack or insufficient amount of vitamin D can cause bone complications.

Other than exposure to the right temperature from the sun, many fish and egg products are great sources of vitamin D. Mackerel, salmon, and sardines are examples of such food.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E

Also called tocopherol, vitamin E is important for body cell maintenance. There are also reports that aging will be a lot slower with this vitamin.

However, vitamin E is a good explanation for why no more than the right amount of vitamins should be consumed. This is because excessive bleeding is a risk that comes with taking more vitamin E than you should.

As mentioned earlier, there are more vitamins required daily by women than we can discuss here. But just so you know them, some of the others include:

  • Vitamin B (in its various forms)
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin K

The right amount of all these is needed by women every day. You can have your doctor or dietician talk you through how much of these you should have daily.

Sources of Vitamins Needed by Women

The two common sources of getting the vitamins needed by women every day are through:


Your food intake needs to be wired to meet your health needs. The choice of foods you take should not only satisfy your craving for a certain taste. It should mostly be about ticking all the right boxes in terms of meeting dietary needs. This is the best way to ensure healthy living through your food intake.

Having made this clear, women can get a lot of the vitamins that they need from eating certain foods. These are foods that have these vitamins as part of their chemical and dietary composition.


There are specially made health products that ensure people get access to the things they need for healthy living. Supplements are usually ingested health products. Women on the lookout for supplements that supply them with the needed vitamins daily can go for premium quality multivitamin products.

But in addition to just having the needed vitamins, make sure the multivitamins you get have essential and recommended minerals as well. Some of the recommended minerals and other nutrients include:

  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Omega Fatty Acids

The amount of these nutrients needed by women is determined by several factors. Age and health state are very common determinants.

For example, pregnant women need more iron nutrients than women who are not pregnant. This explains why prenatal vitamins have several of these essential nutrients. This is including the iron nutrient which helps to support the mother and child’s health during pregnancy.

To be sure you are using the right amount of these nutrients, it is best to see your doctor. This will help you avoid any risk associated with using more mcg of these nutrients than you should.

Do not forget that we are committed to keeping you informed for improved living. We have other related and relevant content that you might find interesting and useful. For example, you can find out how long food poisoning lasts in adults.

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