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Everlywell Food Sensitivity Test Reviews

Everlywell Food Sensitivity Test Reviews

Understanding how your body reacts to food intake is a good and huge step in the right direction for medical reasons. This is considering how some people’s body immune systems might be opposed to the consumption of certain foods or certain measures. For some people, certain mild to severe symptoms or even disease is not far-fetched when some or a certain food type is consumed. So, the foods that make up a person’s diet have to be well informed.

This is where diagnosis comes in. Thankfully, the Everlywell Company has made things a lot easier. Other than making available at-home STD test kits and other home diagnosis kits, they ensure that every person can have this test carried out at home. The Everlywell food sensitivity test kit is just one of several other at-home tests for this purpose. So, it is only wise to know if it is one of the best of the several other kits and if it can be taken seriously.

We will provide you with answers to this question in this International Health Alliance nutrition review. So, read on to find out how helpful or otherwise this at-home food sensitivity test product is. By the way, our take in this review is informed by personal medical assessment, information from reputable wellness platforms, and trusted customer reviews.

About Everlywell Food Sensitivity Test Kit

All the introductory statements may seem like the Everlywell sensitivity test kit would do as much as reveal your allergy. Well, this testing kit doesn’t work that way. It is neither an intolerance test solution. As a result, you cannot directly find out:

  • If you have Celiac disease
  • If you are lactose intolerant
  • Your exact allergies

Also of importance is the fact that using this test kit is no substitute for medical diagnosis and care by a medical doctor. So, don’t make the mistake of thinking it is.

What it does is disclose the IgG (Immunoglobulin G) reactivity levels of users. The logic is that foods that have high IgG (Immunoglobulin G) reactivity levels are likely to have the body producing IgG antibodies in large amounts. The resultant effect is likely to be the undesirable health condition and disease you feel after consuming a type of food.

With the Everlywell food sensitivity test kit, you do not have to bother about how long it takes to digest food. This is because your blood peculiarities will reveal your IgG levels with or without eating close to the period the blood sample is collected.

How Does Using the Everlywell Food Sensitivity Test Kit Work?

You would have to buy and have your Everlywell food sensitivity test kit shipped to your address. Based on several customer reviews, the time it takes to get the kit after placing your order should be no more than 1 week. The user is supposed to enter the unique ID details or scan the QR code after receiving the order.

The next thing is to use the kit according to the company’s instructions. This requires putting some of your blood samples in designated spaces on the cardholder. You would need to prick your finger to make this happen.

After allowing the cardholder to dry for a short while, fit it carefully into the designated return envelope. The next thing would be to mail the envelope (containing your blood sample) to the approved and certified lab. You do this by using the return label’s information.

Thereafter, the link to your digital result after the lab testing will be received after some time. This would inform your subsequent decisions; including engaging in the 2-part elimination diet.

Expert and Customer Reviews about Everlywell Food Sensitivity Test Kit

Judging from trusted customer reviews and expert reviews, here are some of our take on the Everlywell food sensitivity test kit:

One of the Best in the Market

This Everlywell kit is not the only food sensitivity testing option in the market. However, it is one of the very common and best options available. The results can be near perfect.

Worth Its Price

At a little over $150 or even more on some platforms, Everlywell food sensitivity test kits are not the cheapest. However, they are worth the price seeing how well they work.

Blood Sample Problem

A person using this food sensitivity test kit has to be subjected to temporary pain. This is by pricking the finger to draw blood that will be analyzed subsequently in the lab. Some people find this very inconvenient, especially as some alternatives use urine or saliva samples instead.

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