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Watery Period Blood Sign of Pregnancy

Watery Period Blood Sign of Pregnancy

Women ought to be more aware of what changes to their body suggests. This will help them understand signs that suggest there is a red flag, or that there is no cause for alarm. For example, large-sized blood clots after vaginal discharge during your period can be one of the symptoms of uterine fibroid or hormonal imbalance.

For the former, pelvic pain or pressure will be felt. Women with this experience need to see their doctor as soon as possible. They do not have to wait days before consulting their doctor for medical advice and treatment. This is so that the condition (if there), is well treated.

The point here is to be better informed about how things work with your body and what changes suggest. Knowledge of these things will help in making timely informed decisions. To this end, this International Health Alliance sexuality article will discuss whether or not watery period blood is a sign that you are pregnant.

Can Watery Period Blood be a Sign that You Are Pregnant?

Watery period blood can be a sign that women are pregnant. However, it is not a certainty as it could be suggestive of other things as well. Both time and a reliable pregnancy test will be the best way to be certain.

In situations in which a watery period is a sign of pregnancy, this is because of the effects of egg implantation which leads to implantation bleeding. Implantation takes place after the egg must have been fertilized in the fallopian tube by the sperm.

Implantation causes implantation bleeding because of the effects of the egg attaching itself to the uterus lining. The result is spotting, rather than a heavy discharge of blood. The spotting can either have a brown or pink color; both of which are normal.

As a matter of technicality, this kind of discharge cannot be termed a menstrual period. As opposed to what happens during menstrual periods, the uterus lining is not shed. Rather, the fertilized egg does attach itself to the uterus lining; which is the early stage of the formation of the baby in the womb.

Also worth knowing is that discharge can also happen during pregnancy for another reason. This is as the system tries to rid the vagina of bad bacteria and prevent any infection that can affect the baby growing in the womb.

Can Watery Period Blood be a Sign that You Are Pregnant?

Other Reasons for Watery Period Blood

Besides pregnancy as a possibility, there are several other reasons why vaginal discharge of blood may be watery. Some of these reasons are explained below:

Hormonal Effects of Birth Control

In the bid to disable women from getting pregnant, birth control pills and methods can be used. However, they would most likely alter the normal activities of certain hormones such as estrogen. The levels of these hormones can be made high and low even when it is not the normal period for such. This is especially at the start of its use. This can cause watery period blood and even more. For example, it is possible to get your period twice in one month while on birth control.

Beginning of End of Your Menstrual Period

Usually, the consistency of blood flow during a woman’s menstrual period is not the same throughout the time of discharge. At the start of this period in the menstrual cycle, it is light, thin, and gradually becomes heavier and dense red. It returns to the light and thin state at the end of the period.

Low Levels of Estrogen

There are mild to severe causes of low levels of estrogen and they can all cause watery period blood. Some of them include:

  • Prolonged kidney disease
  • A poorly-working pituitary gland
  • Excessive indulgence in high-intensity exercises

Even the coming of menopause can have this effect on women. So, it is not always a sign of pregnancy. We understand if you want other sexuality-related content. We have more than enough for you. For example, you can read this article discussing possible reasons for getting a false positive pregnancy test result.

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