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What Can Cause a False Positive Pregnancy Test?

What Can Cause a False Positive Pregnancy Test?

For all its worth, the chances of experiencing a false positive pregnancy test result are very slim. It is so slim that less than 2 out of 200 women that take pregnancy tests will experience this kind of reading (that is not accurate).

However, it is still a possibility and explainable. Considering the possibility of a false positive result with test kits, other pregnancy testing options might be better. The blood test falls into this category. This article on the sexuality page of the International Health Alliance website will discuss the possible causes of a false positive pregnancy test result. So, follow through to the end for better understanding.

Chemical Pregnancy

It could be that the pregnancy test kit gave you a false result for several reasons. On the other hand, the result might be technically true, even though you should test negative for pregnancy. Starting with the second scenario, let’s unveil how the false positive result can be technically true, even while you are not pregnant.

This is a miscarriage. However, it happens so early that concerned people may not know they were pregnant. What the pregnancy test kit detects is the presence of the hCG (that indicates pregnancy).

Even after the incident, the tested urine still contains hCG. This is even though hCG levels are reduced at this point. This explains the reason for a false positive result. To be quite fair, there are still unexplainable reasons for this. However, medical studies have shown that the cause could be any of the following:

  • Scar tissue
  • Having a uterus with an irregular shape
  • Insufficient amounts of essential pregnancy-associated hormones – Progesterone is a good example
  • Fibroids

This is the more reason any woman with any of these health conditions needs to see their healthcare service provider for proper medical care.

Ectopic Pregnancy

The possible life-threatening risks of ectopic pregnancy explain why women need to go for periodic medical diagnoses. If this advice is heeded, those diagnosed with complications like ectopic pregnancy can do what needs to be done on time. This is way before the condition can cause severe pain.

An ectopic pregnancy is when embryo implantation happens outside of the uterus. In most cases, the fallopian tube is where it happens. This can lead to the rupture of this tube in the body. The fact that the embryo is not viable does not stop it from producing the hCG hormone. This is how it can lead to false positive testing.

Recent Abortion or Miscarriage

Recent Abortion or Miscarriage

Abortion or miscarriage does not remove hCG at a go. The levels of these pregnancy hormones go down gradually. So, a test conducted shortly after the period the incident happened can read positive. Studies have shown that this hormone should be completely depleted between 9 to 35 days after the time the pregnant woman terminated or lost the pregnancy.

Evaporation Line Issues

To tell that a woman is pregnant using a pregnancy test kit, you either check for the plus sign or the presence of two lines (depending on the kind you get). For the latter, the appearance of the second line can be confusing (if it is faint).

This is either an indication of pregnancy in the very early stages or merely an evaporation line. Seeing how complicated getting accurate results from pregnancy test kits may be, you might want to find out how soon a doctor can detect pregnancy by a pelvic exam.

Certain Health Conditions

The effects of certain medical conditions can tamper with hCG levels in the body. This will cause a false positive reading if a pregnancy test kit is used to detect pregnancy. Medical studies have shown how women with any of the following medical issues can have this issue:

  • Urinary Tract Infection
  • Kidney Disease
  • Pituitary Problems
  • Ovarian Cysts

There are also reports of how someone with a case of ovarian cancer might have the same false result.

Effects of Certain Medications

Some medications are capable of tampering with hCG levels in the body. Many fertility medications are culprits in this regard. These are especially the kinds that enable the follicles to release egg inside a woman’s ovary.

This informs the need to see your doctor. Doing so should help you know the best time to test for pregnancy after undergoing fertility treatment. Make sure to take this advice seriously if you are undergoing fertility treatment.

Do you want other relevant and interesting health information? Check other articles on the sexuality page of the International Health Alliance website. For example, you can find out the causes and effects of Trisomy 18.

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