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How Soon Is Too Soon to Propose?

How Soon Is Too Soon to Propose?

There are too many how-to and when-to when a love relationship is being discussed. For starters, what works for one couple might not work for another couple. So, we all need to understand the peculiarities of our partner and relationship at large and work with that.

Against this backdrop, there is no universal answer to the question of how soon is too soon to propose to your partner. Several things determine how ready you and your partner are, and if it is the right time.

Here on the lifestyle page of the International Health Alliance website, we have a couple of things that can help answer the question of how soon is too soon to propose to your partner. We hope that you read on to be enlightened.

Our Take on How Soon Is Too Soon to Propose

On the subject of having your proposal at the right time, here are some things we have observed:

It Doesn’t Only Revolve Around Time

Marriage and love relationships will always remain a mystery to many people. How else do you explain how people date for 10 years and end up divorcing as couples after marriage? On the other hand, you may have seen friends who dated for a lot less than 1 year and ended up living happily in their marriage.

All these points to the fact that there is more to having a blissful marriage than time. The earlier you realize this, the better it is for you and your partner in your relationship.

Average Observation from Most Successful Marriages

Regardless of the point raised earlier, we have also realized how crucial time is. Spending enough time before the proposal and other engagement activities will help in truly understanding each other. This is especially before the wedding.

For this reason, it is best if people in love relationships get to know each other for at least one year or one or two months short of 1 year. We recommend that getting engaged should not happen until after this time frame. Once again, this is so that people in these relationships can find out more about the other person and understand each other better.

But while dating, as long as you – truly know each other, sincerely realize that you can spend the future married to each other, and you both are capable of living with each other; then proposing is the next big step.

Our Take on How Soon Is Too Soon to Propose

Signs that Help You Know it Is Too Soon for Proposal

For all the right reasons, you might have to wait before you put that proposal ring on that person’s finger. We know that you are sure about how you love your partner but here’s what you have to understand.

It is that how you feel is temporary, but your decision to get engaged and eventually married has permanent implications. So, you need to be sure it is the right time, and that your partner is a person good enough to start a family with. In the spirit of ensuring it is the right time to propose and the right person to propose to, here are some signs to help you know if it is too soon for engagement:

  • You are not too sure about your partner’s level of commitment to the relationship and your well-being – This is important as marriage will bring changes to your life
  • You both are not financially fit enough to get married and start a family
  • You do not know enough people in each other’s lives
  • You do not know your partner well enough – It is even advised that you should have seen your partner at his/her worst. For example, can you be very certain that a urine test would or would not detect weed in your partner’s system
  • Your partner doesn’t agree with your idea about many things

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