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Why Do People See a Sexologist?

Why Do People See a Sexologist?

Even in this day and age, there are still misconceptions as regards the importance of or the need to see a sexologist. Many people can deal with seeing many other therapists, but seeing a sexologist, they just don’t get it.

Well, the training and experience of capable sexologists will come in handy for certain clients. By and large, clients can get physical and psychological treatment and answers needed for personal help and in their relationships.

To further help shed light on this subject, this article on the sexuality page of the International Health Alliance platform will discuss reasons people may need to see a sex therapist. So read on to find out more about how people can benefit each time they visit a sexologist for therapy sessions.

The Concept behind Sexology

Images of the first three letters of the word “sexology” come to mind when many people think about what sexology means, or what a sexologist does. This is at least until some of these people visit credible sources on Google and the like.

Well, sex is a large part of what it entails but it is not restricted to sexual activities between couples and all that. There is the part of sexual identity and self-sexual exploration for instance. Besides this, sexology is a broad niche that even keeps getting more expansive by the day. You can get more information here about what this profession entails.

By and large, it has its clinical segment as it involves some aspects of psychology, biology, cultural studies, religion, medicine, and so much more. A person that qualifies and does the work of a sexologist understands sexology. The person, therefore, knows how to use his/her training and experience to help the sex life of people, and in other possible ways as well.

Reasons People May Need the Services of a Sexologist

By the way, you may have noticed that the term sexologist is not the only term used to refer to these professionals. Some of the other terms include – Clinical sexologist, sex therapist, and sexual therapist. Having made this clear, some reasons people may need the services of a sexologist are listed and briefly discussed below:

You Have a Sexual Dysfunction that Affects Your Sex Life

As much as some people desire to have an active and exciting sex life, this can be hard or near impossible. A reason could be the presence of the vaginismus dysfunction that affects how a lady would feel during sex, and possibly their sexuality.

The sad thing is that this can affect the bond in a relationship or marriage. This is clearly because sex is very paramount. So, it is best for a person or couple with a partner dealing with this kind of sexual dysfunction to seek help.

Having an open talk with the sexologist during sessions will help a lot. For example, a sex therapist can talk to an affected person about the influence of anxiety and fear in triggering this problem and how to deal with this feeling. Usually, the sexual therapist also recommends exercises that help control the muscles in the affected area.

You Have a Sexual Dysfunction that Affects Your Sex Life

Extremely High or Low Sex Drive

Sex is good but the desire for too much of it can cause issues with one’s partner. In the same vein, a person with a very low sex drive can see intimacy with the partner and even in the family threatened.

This is because love in a marriage or even relationship needs to be fueled with good sex, among other things. A sexologist is trained to help a person or couple with either of these problems.

For example, changes in physical appearance can trigger an all-time low in sex drive. Some men and women have revealed how this happens as their partner develops belly fat. So, you might want to read about exercises that help burn belly fat even at home.

Victims of Sexual Trauma

Sex is an amazing experience, but this is with a clause. This is as long as it is done under the right conditions. For example, while sex can be amazing, someone who is raped will not find it amazing.

This can lead to sexual trauma and affect relationships that would involve sex. It is only healthy that an affected person seeks the help of a sexologist. So, don’t shy away from the need to talk to a sex therapist if you have sexual trauma of any sort. Other than these, some other reasons you might have to see a sexologist include the following:

  • To add more spice to your sex life and deal with sexual boredom
  • To sort out issues that center on gender identity
  • To become more sexually compatible with your partner

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