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Best Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

Best Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

Ever heard that saying about how punctuality is the soul of business? Well, it is not only relevant in the business world. All it points out is the need to set out early. But the problem is that this can be very difficult or near impossible if you cannot get up early from bed.

Heavy Sleepers Can Alone Wake Up and Set Out Early

If you happen to be one of those heavy sleepers who find it difficult to wake up from bed, you are not all alone as there are several others like you. But more important and exciting is that even your sleeping peculiarities should not stand in your way of getting up and preparing early. Even heavy sleepers can wake up and set out early with a good alarm clock designed to help them.

The complication is that every alarm clock in the market claims to be the best alarm clock for this purpose. You can tell that this is far from the truth. To this end, you need recommendations to help you get the best alarm clocks on platforms like Amazon and other platforms where such is available.

Here in this International Health Alliance lifestyle article, we have outlined a few alarms that we consider the best alarm clocks for heavy sleepers. So read on to make guided decisions in this regard.

Our Top Pick for Best Alarm Clocks for Heavy Sleepers

Sleep is very important but there is a time to wake up even as a heavy sleeper. This will be possible with the right alarm clocks designed to help people get up from bed and get going. Based on some features as tested and confirmed by our review team, we consider the following alarm clocks as great options, especially for heavy sleepers:

Sunrise Alarm Clock

There are several amazing features that the Sunrise Alarm Clock offers. But as it concerns its ability to wake up heavy sleepers; two major features stand out. The first is its wide array of sounds, some of which are loud enough to wake even heavy sleepers up.

The other, which may be more important, is its light feature. This is an artificial imitation of nature with the light of the Sunrise Alarm Clock. The light in the day and night imitates nature and gives sleepers extra motivation to wake up.

Turning off the alarm sound, or reaching for the snooze feature, is as easy as clicking a button. We should also stress that it has an FM Radio feature. So, it is way more than a device designed to wake you up. All these listed features and more make the Sunrise Alarm Clock one of the best alarm clocks even for heavy sleepers.

Sonic Bomb Extra Loud Alarm Clock and Bed Shaker

Sonic Bomb Extra Loud Alarm Clock and Bed Shaker

This is a dual alarm clock considering that it does not only function as an alarm clock. In addition to this, it goes the extra mile to function as a bed shaker. So, if you are not moved by its loud sound even as a heavy sleeper, you definitely will not get away with its bed-shaking features.

Some users prefer alarm clocks that are powered by battery in comparison to options powered by electricity. For some users, it is the other way around. Whichever your choice is, the Sonic Bomb Extra Loud Alarm Clock and Bed Shaker have got you covered. This is because you can either power it using the battery or the electricity option.

But besides mechanisms that help users wake up when they should, the manufacturers also understand the importance of having a sound sleep and this alarm clock can help you get that. For one, the product excludes features that can disrupt your sleep when you should be sleeping. For example, blue LED and white light are deliberately avoided.

Loftie Clock

With its digital and dimmable display feature, the striking thing about this alarm clock is that it is not only about getting you to wake up. For instance, it has features such as white noise and a couple of other things designed to help users sleep better. All these are also aided by its Bluetooth feature.

On the sidelines, you should be mindful of the things you consume even for sleep-related reasons. For example, many carbonated drinks contain high amounts of caffeine that can disrupt sleep patterns. So, you may want to prioritize options like ginger ale drinks that do not contain caffeine.

Our team tested this product with kids and the result is amazing. This is in terms of getting quality sleep and getting kids to wake up on time. Little wonder many reputable review platforms do not shy away from giving it 5 stars or something very close to 5 stars. We should not also forget to add that its price (although not small) is reasonable.

Philips Smart-Sleep Wake-Up Light

As its name suggests, its wake-up light is one of the most renowned things about this product. We are almost tempted to say that it is second to none. Even deep sleepers are awoken by its gradually-unveiling lighting quality.

It also possesses other smart features that make it a remarkable choice. These smart features include acting as a bedside lamp, having a display effect that can be automatically dimmed, and its FM radio.

Jall Digital Alarm Clock

There is no doubt that it is loud enough to wake you up even as a heavy sleeper. But one other remarkable thing about Jall Digital Alarm Clock is what it offers in terms of custom settings. For example, you can run up to 3 alarm settings and even have off-days set as well. The more breathtaking thing is that it comes at a reasonable price.

We understand if you want other lifestyle-related content. We have more than enough for you. For instance, you can read about some of the psychological reasons for not showering.

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