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How to Lose Arm Fat Fast for Females

How to Lose Arm Fat Fast for Females

Losing arm fat seems to be more of a concern for women than men. There is a clinical explanation for this as women will more likely have more fat stored in their arm area than men. Do you want to find out why women are this way? Do you also want to know how you can lose arm fat fast as a woman? Read on for answers to these questions.

Why More Women Have to Worry about Arm Fat than Men

We hope the wrong impression is not sent as some men also have to deal with extra fat on their arms. However, this is often a concern for women than men. Based on clinical studies on this health platform and platforms such as Wikihow, some of the reasons for this include the following:

The Aftermath of Pregnancy

Frankly, this is not a factor many resources would care to mention. But it is worth mentioning. It might be hard to reduce all the extra fat gathered during pregnancy. So, there could be more than just the hot feeling during pregnancy. There might still be fat and weight issues to resolve after giving birth.

Fat Usage

Exercise and physical activities are healthy ways to maintain good body weight. On that note, men tend to do a lot more exercise and physical activities than women. As a result, burning fat is a likely thing for men. Not all women (even most) have this experience.

Many of them keep a sedentary lifestyle and this contributes to more fat in their arm and other body parts. More women even have to lose butt fat compared to the stats for men.

Fat Storage

The way fat is stored in the body of men is more favorable. Women (for the most part) do not enjoy that luxury. This is why their extra fat is quickly visible in areas such as their arm, hips, butts, and some other body parts.

Why More Women Have to Worry about Arm Fat than Men

Is it Possible for Women to Reduce Fat in the Arm?

Women can reduce fat in their arms. However, it is more effective (perhaps only effective) if the goal is general weight loss. This is instead of trying to lose fat in the arm alone. When you focus on the arms alone, accumulated fat in other parts will end up back in the arms and this will only amount to a waste of time.

So, the focus should be on general weight and fat loss. But even at that, you can work on toning the arms. This is by using exercises that build up the muscle mass in that part of the body. Some workouts to help you achieve that will be briefly discussed in the next part. So, read on!

Exercises to Help Reduce Fat in the Arms

For a reduced and good-looking arm, some workouts should be prioritized. By and large, you can tell such exercises by the pressure they put (specifically) on your arm muscles. Some of them include the following:

Triceps Kickback

Just as the name suggests, your tricep will thank you for this workout. It is best if you do this exercise with a dumbbell. You would need two to have the right balance in position. One dumbbell will be held in one hand and another dumbbell in the other hand.

The succeeding step would be slightly bending your knees after maintaining a split position while standing. Then have the dumbbell weight (on both hands) pushed backward. That would be in your lower body’s direction. You then complete the cycle by bringing the dumbbell weights towards your upper body when returning. This workout will slightly benefit your shoulders as well. Do several reps of this tricep-friendly exercise and do them well.

Push Ups

Exercises to Help Reduce Fat in the Arms

This is one good exercise for those without any equipment. The starting position of this fitness training will be on the floor. This is because you have to lie in a straight position. Then you push yourself up using only your hands and your toes or feet.

In essence, your overall body weight will be resting on your hands and toes. This pressure of this overall body weight will help build and shape the muscles of your arms. You can even add a Push Ups version that benefits the elbows as well.

This is as you allow your elbows to hold your body alongside your feet as well. For the record, even you will also tone your shoulder as you do this workout properly and consistently.

Both Triceps Kickbacks and Push Ups are helpful fitness exercises to help reduce fat in the arm. But there is a long list of others and they include:

  • Jab
  • Push Ups (the type done on an elevated position)
  • Biceps Curl
  • Alternate Leg & Arm Lift
  • Plank Sidewalk
  • Arm Circles
  • Scissors
  • Chair Dips
  • Weight Lifting

If your goal is to build the muscles in your arm area, these fitness exercises come in very handy. So, make good use of them as they are effective.


More women are bothered about fat in their arms and this is understandable. We have discussed physical exercises that can help fat reduction in the arms. But you also need to be mindful of what you eat – proper diet or nutrition is important. This is to burn calories which contributes to reduced arm fat. You can visit the International Health Alliance weight loss section for more relevant and helpful information.

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