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How to Lose 2 Pounds a Week

How to Lose 2 Pounds a Week

It is a known fact that weight loss is essential for many people. The reason is not only to look appealing. Besides this and more importantly, it is about avoiding the adverse effects of being overweight. But even weight loss approaches have to be healthy.

Some weight loss tactics do more harm than good and you are to avoid them. One such is losing more weight at a stretch than is healthy for you. The reason is that body fat is not all that you lose when you lose weight. Some other body essentials are lost in the process and losing too much of them can be highly detrimental. So, it is best that you do not lose more than you should.

Speaking of losing a safe amount of weight per week, losing a total of around 1 pound to two pounds is usually alright for most people. This is a safe and even more realistic weight loss goal. Would you like to lose as much as 2 pounds or just a little over 2 pounds every week? Then find out what should be done in this International Health Alliance weight loss article.

Major Steps Required to Lose Around 2 Pounds Every Week

Exercise and proper nutrition are the two major steps required to lose this much or less weight every week. As long as you play by this rule, you would lose enough calories to lose weight. So, your daily diet and fitness activity will have to align with your goal of losing this much or less weight. One after the other, let’s go over how to achieve this goal with diet and exercise:

Weight Loss Diet Tips

Truly, the right approach to daily diet and exercise are the two major steps toward losing weight. But to be more factual, diet is supposed to play a more important role. It would help if you take note of this going forward.

This means that you are supposed to cut down on calories through diet than through exercise. This is simply by controlling your calorie intake. You should aim for a calorie deficit. This is by consuming fewer calories than your body requires for metabolic activities every day.

But other than eating fewer portions of food or even eating less often, you need to be mindful of how much of every food class you consume. On this note, you should eat low amounts of certain foods and a high amount of certain foods.

For example, you should eat low amounts of carbs and fats as they usually contain more calories. More importantly, consume less sugar. This is why you should take note of the amount of tsp or tbsp in every sugar-rich food that you eat. On the contrary, eat more foods that are high in protein as they also help build your muscle mass. Also, prioritize foods rich in fiber as they take very long to digest while filling you up.

Drinking lots of water also helps. Drinking more water can give you the feeling of satisfaction even though it contains zero calories. In addition to that, water impacts metabolism by speeding it up. So, do not resign yourself to drinking one cup but several cups of water every day.

Weight Loss Exercise Tips

The goal of physical training is to burn calories as you exercise. This is the second most important step as stressed above. So, you should not make light of it. Try as much as possible to exercise every day to help you lose weight. This is even if it is for between 15 – 45 minutes every day.

You should engage in cardio and aerobic physical training. But other than this, try as much as possible to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. So, be deliberate about doing things like walking, using the stairs (instead of the lift), and dog walking.

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