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Cervix before Period vs Pregnant

Cervix before Period vs Pregnant

Women need to be more sensitized about the changes that occur in their bodies as they are ushered into various stages – menstrual period, luteal phase, ovulation, and pregnancy. This knowledge will help in several ways, including knowing when things are not as normal as they should be.

As you continue to read this International Health Alliance sexuality article, you will find out the normal – position, texture, and general features of the cervix before your menstrual period; versus during pregnancy. So, read on as the information will help.

Where Is the Cervix and How Important Is It?

The cervix is located between the uterus (also known as the womb) and the vagina. The cervix is a crucial part of the vaginal canal because of the essential role it plays in vaginal and female reproductive health.

It is so crucial that a doctor can detect pregnancy by pelvic test. This is by finger insertion to check for the position, texture, and a couple of other cervical changes that would likely occur, even in the early period of pregnancy. But it is worth knowing that there are better and faster ways to go about checking whether or not you are pregnant.

To aid fertility, the cervix produces a special mucus known as cervical mucus. The cervical mucus makes women fertile by creating a transport system for sperm to flow toward the fallopian tube. It is not until this happens that egg fertilization can happen in the fallopian tube.

Other than making women fertile in this regard, this organ plays a crucial role during a woman’s menstrual cycle. Just as its opening allows sperm to swim through to the fallopian tube, the cervix will also open up to allow the discharge of blood during that time of a woman’s menstrual cycle. So, change in the cervix features is also one of the PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) signs.

Considering how important the cervix is for vaginal and female reproductive health, it should be taken seriously. One of the implications is that symptoms of pain or even bleeding in this organ or areas around it, should not be taken lightly.

Features of the Cervix before Menstrual Period

Features of the Cervix before Menstrual Period

All things being equal, the position of this organ is low before the commencement of your menstrual period. As a result, you should be able to easily reach it if you insert your finger through your vagina to feel its state.

In addition to its low position, it would have a hard texture and a sight opening to enable the discharge of blood during your period. Once you round off your period, this organ will remain at its low position.

However, one of the changes would be the opening sealing up or closing up much further. It will remain this way until ovulation when the cervix will rise high, become soft & moist, and open up again. The time it takes the cervix to seal up or close up further at the close of your period is not the same for all women. It could be a matter of hours, a day, or even days for some.

Features of the Cervix during Pregnancy

The demands of pregnancy cause prolonged changes in the features of the cervix before birth. One of the major reasons for this is increased blood flow in the body.

One of the changes is how the cervix stays high and remains soft, even after ovulation. However, it will be closed until when it’s time to birth the baby.

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