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Why Did I Get My Period Twice in One Month on Birth Control?

Why Did I Get My Period Twice in One Month on Birth Control?

More discussions about female vaginal and reproductive health are needed. This is to sensitize females on matters that concern them and how best to approach such. Platforms like International Health Alliance and Mayo Clinic can be credited for doing a good job in this regard. Speaking of such discussions, more women need to be aware of the possibility of experiencing their menstrual period twice a month.

Yes, it is possible for several reasons; including the use of birth control pills or methods. We will delve into this subject here on this International Health Alliance sexuality page. So, read on as the details here will help you understand this subject better.

Birth Control Pills and Methods Can Cause Irregular Menstrual Periods

Before the use of a birth control pill or method, many are well aware of what time of the month they would have their period. This is also aided by digital apps and tools that assist in this regard, allowing them to prepare well ahead for this part of their cycle.

Well, the experience can become abnormal after using birth control pills. Depending on the peculiarity of the woman in question and the reasons, the second experience can be mere spotting, rather than heavy menstrual-related bleeding.

The two menopause experiences can also be heavy bleeding with other PMS-associated symptoms, including pain. The medical explanation for the alteration to the normal time menstrual periods happen during their cycles can be due to the following:

The Body Newly Adjusting to these Medications

This is a common reason for this menopause experience. The use of some birth control methods compels the activities of certain hormones in the body. Irregular periods are a common effect of these hormonal changes. Increased involvement of the luteinizing hormone is one reason for this.

For the record, it is pretty much normal and the body would often adjust with time. For some, it takes longer than others. But for the most part, there would be no need to visit the doctor’s office at the local clinic for this reason. Treatment may only be required if the abnormal situation is persistent.

Missed Schedule

There is usually an ideal schedule for the proper use of these medications. The schedule is determined by the pill or method you use; or as prescribed by your doctor. Inconsistent periods can be caused when this schedule is missed. Equally, using these medications behind schedule can also be the cause.

Use of Contraception

The goal of using birth control medications or methods is to prevent pregnancy. Seeing how some women miss their schedule for using it and are bent on preventing pregnancy, they use emergency contraception as a backup plan. Well, emergency contraception is also capable of causing irregular periods.

Other Reasons You May Get Your Period Twice in One Month without Birth Control

Besides the effects of these medications or methods, here are a few other reasons women may get their periods twice a month:

No Definite Date

The days making up a woman’s cycle are not the same for all. For some women, it could be as many as 40 days in between menstrual cycles. On the other end of the continuum, it could be as short as 21 days, which may make it seem like it is twice a month. So, you need to understand your peculiarities as a woman.

Cervical or Uterine Complications

Irregular periods can be one of several symptoms of complications affecting the uterus and cervical areas like the cervix. This is besides the pain that would most likely be felt alongside.

Polyps, endometriosis, and fibroids are practical examples of cervical and uterine complications that can cause irregular periods. Hormonal issues could be the reason for cervical or uterine complications as heavy bleeding or spotting in between a woman’s periods is possible.


The seizure of one’s period is supposed to be one of the implications of being pregnant. Of course, it is. However, it is not abnormal for one to sight spotting, especially during the first three months after conception.

On the sidelines, are you aware that there are certain things you should not drink or eat during pregnancy? You can find out if you can drink energy drinks while pregnant.


This is a hormonal imbalance problem that affects many women. It is a result of abnormal imbalances in hormones such as – progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone. One in every five is said to be affected and one of the symptoms of PCOS is irregular periods.

Overactive or Underactive Thyroid Gland

Hyperthyroidism is when a woman’s thyroid is overactive and the symptoms include unexpected weight loss, insomnia, rapid heartbeat, mood issues, and of course; irregular periods. Low thyroid activity can also be a cause as well.

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