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What Foods Help Repair Kidneys?

What Foods Help Repair Kidneys?

Living with a damaged kidney comes at a cost. One such is understanding the need to eat the right diet for healthy living. For starters, people with damaged kidneys should only eat foods that will not stress this compromised organ in their body. This is so that what they eat does not further damage their kidney.

Other than this, their choice of food should have essential nutrients needed to repair their damaged kidney. More on this subject will be discussed here on the Nutrition page of the International Health Alliance website. So, make the right choice by continuing to read on.

The Importance of the Kidneys

Chief among the task of this organ is waste removal. This is how it contributes to general body detoxification, alongside organs like the liver. Other than waste, it ensures that extra fluid is removed from the body.

Furthermore, the kidney ensures water and mineral composition of the blood is what it should be. A good blood composition should have the right levels of water, salt, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, and other required minerals.

Any disease that affects the kidneys can limit their abilities to play these essential roles. CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) is an example of such a disease. Renal cell cancer (a type of cancer that primarily affects the kidney) is another example.

People with these diseases or a wide range of other kidney-threatening diseases need a practical plan to help protect their kidneys. An important part of this plan would include eating the right food.

More light will be shed on eating the right foods to save and repair the kidney below. However, it is strongly advised that you see your doctor or dietitian for more instructions.

Information about Foods that Help Protect and Repair Your Kidney

The whole point we are making here is the need to eat a kidney-friendly diet. That would be possible if you take the following instructions seriously:

Watch Your Protein Intake

It is not often that you hear health instructions like this. This is because protein is a good food class that will help the body in many ways. For example, protein is one of the best things to eat before a workout to build muscle.

However, people with damaged kidneys cannot deal with too much of this food class. The reason is that protein produces a lot of waste. Eating foods with very high amounts of protein would mean that your kidneys would have to work a lot more.

This is not what your kidney needs because of its sensitive state. You can source the right amount of protein from plant and animal foods like egg meals, meat, chicken, fish, grain, beans, and nuts.

Low Amount of Sodium

The primary source of getting sodium is salt intake. This is because sodium makes up 40% of the entire salt content. Seeing how consuming low amounts of sodium will protect your kidney, you should watch your salt intake.

Other than adding as little as possible when cooking, you should also try as much as possible, to stay off fast and processed foods. This is because many of them have more salt than you need to save your kidney.

Mind you, it is not only your kidneys that benefit from taking low amounts of salt. Even your heart does. This is because the heart can have a hard time controlling blood pressure levels. This is a risk that (especially) those with diabetes should avoid at all costs.

Rather, turn to foods that have a healthy amount of vitamins. Foods that have vitamin K, vitamin B6, vitamin C, folate, and even fiber should be prioritized. Fruits like cabbage, cauliflower, cranberries, apple, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, red grapes, and cherries are good examples.

Eat Heart-Friendly Foods

Of course, the goal is to protect and repair your kidney. However, you should know that the body is interconnected. Asides from fat buildup in the kidney, fat buildup in the heart and blood vessels will affect the state of the kidney. So, eat heart-friendly foods

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