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Why Does My Fart Smell So Bad During Period?

Why Does My Fart Smell So Bad During Period?

It is pretty normal for individuals to pass out gas from their digestive system through their anus – flatulence. Passing out air is an important part of gut health. The inability to do so is a threat to a healthy gut system as it is one of the end activities of healthy bowel movements.

But as normal as farting is, some individuals have a problem with how terrible the smell can be. For women, this is especially during the time of the month when they have their menstrual period. Such an experience is not abnormal.

What are the reasons for the horrible stink? Is it one of the signs of a disease? Do you have to see a doctor for medical treatment? Can you do anything to make it less stinky? Continue reading this sexuality article on the International Health Alliance page as we have the answers that you need right here.

It Is Not Abnormal

For several reasons, some people’s farts are more horrible than others. But even for women that fall into this category, it gets worse during their period. The stink is enough to get people vacating the room and there are medically confirmed reasons for this.

So, PMS manifestation are more than just bloating, constipation, diarrhea, mood swings, menstrual-related pain, and the like. Farts that smell (probably worse than a dog’s poop) is one of the possible symptoms. Some of these reasons for this include the following:

Hormonal Changes

PMS causes a spike in the levels of certain hormones. Progesterone is one such hormone. One of the effects of increased progesterone levels in the body is the increased presence and activity of a chemical known as prostaglandins.

The presence of this chemical in the body does increase as the uterus lining (endometrial cells) breaks down and causes the release of this chemical. Prostaglandins are largely responsible for the pain (cramps) felt.

But besides this, its increased presence and activity is a good reason for the stink. By and large, hormonal changes cause bacteria release that contains possibly high amounts of sulfur accompanying the air being let out. The presence of sulfur causes farts to smell horrible.

Hormonal Changes

Prolonged Poop in the Digestive System

Disruption in bowel movement can cause this horrible smell. Just so you know, the prolonged presence of poop in the digestive system without being let out increases the chances of farts smelling more horribly. Period-related constipation does this and so it is one of the reasons for this problem.

Period-Induced Food Intake

As we have stressed several times on our platform, the quality of a person’s diet is the quality of the person’s health to a large extent. This stance is also relevant in this context as the foods you eat determine how your farts would smell.

For example, consuming simple sugar foods increase the chances of your fart smelling horrible. This is because the breaking down of such foods does not happen until the intestinal stages. So, it might be best to avoid such foods.

Rather, foods rich in things like fiber might be best suited for people concerned about the state of their flatulence. Fiber would help prevent or ease constipation and would impact your fart’s smell. This is considering how this bowel condition can cause a smelly fart.

Tips for Dealing with Smelly Farts

We did mention the importance of consuming and avoiding certain foods above. Besides the aforementioned advice, some other tips to help deal with a smelly fart:

  • Not overstuffing yourself with food – The urge to eat and keep eating is a PMS symptom for some women. They need to put this urge in check. This also means that they should not rush their meals
  • Avoid or Minimize Intake of Gassy Foods – Even some fiber options fall into this category. While you do not have to stay completely away from them, be mindful of how much of these foods you eat. Examples include Brussel Sprouts, Cabbage, and Broccoli
  • Regular exercise – Period-associated fatigue may discourage you but you have to be disciplined enough to exercise. This is even if you have to dedicate a small period to exercise
  • Stay hydrated – Drink lots of water. Do not wait until you are thirsty to fill up
  • Try Probiotic Medicines – They can help considering how they improve gut health by supplying healthy bacteria that promote gut health

By the way, there are studies suggesting how clean bowels can provide natural relief for several PMS symptoms. We understand if you want other sexuality-related content. We have more than enough for you. For instance, you can read this article that discusses the reasons for a false positive pregnancy test.

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