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Exercises for Flabby Arms

Exercises for Flabby Arms

For most people, it is only normal that their arms begin to get flabby as they age. The most notable reason for this is a compromise in collagen production in the body. As a result, there is a decline in skin elasticity.

Getting rid of flabby arms requires a holistic approach. In essence, you need to ensure a deficit in calories by cutting down on the intake of calories through a proper diet. But in addition to proper diet, exercise is a major key in converting a flabby arm to well-toned muscles.

We bet that you want to find out exercises that will help convert your flabby arms to well-toned muscles. Then keep reading as this will be discussed in this International Health Alliance weight loss article.

Workouts that Convert Flabby Arms to Well-Toned Arms

Fat accumulation in the body has an annoying way of piling up in certain places. Body parts like the arm and belly are mostly involved. If a flabby arm is your concern, some workouts will come in very handy.

This is because these fitness workouts will tone the muscle mass in the arm area. As an added incentive, some of these exercises are best for building other upper body parts. Muscles in body parts like the shoulders and chest end up being developed with some of these exercises.

But mind you, they are not the best exercises for burning belly fat at home. Having made this clear, some of the exercises in question include the following:


This resistance workout is a very common one. So, chances are that you already have an idea of how it’s done. But even if it is for the record, the starting position is lying straight and face down on the floor.

Thereafter, you should lift your entire body using your hands. As a result, your entire body weight will be rested on your hands and your feet. The idea is to push your body up with your hands and go lower toward the ground. You can even add a variation that requires you to hold still after you push your body up. Doing this is just one rep.

For someone just starting, doing between 8 – 15 reps of push-ups is alright. Then you can do between 2 sets to 4 sets.


Triceps Dips

There are two kinds of triceps dips that you can do and they have almost the same effects on the arms and body at large. For both kinds of triceps dip, you have to start by sitting on a strong bench. Next, place both hands by the side of your body with your wrist and fingers facing forward. Place the right hand by the right side of your body, and the left hand by the left side of your body.

Have both hands in this position holding the edge of the bench as you lower your body to the ground. The first kind of triceps dip requires that your legs lay straight on the floor. The second requires that your knees are brought upwards.

For both kinds of tricep dip, you alternate between lowering your body and bringing it up (as if you want to take your sitting position again). For both kinds of this exercise, your elbows will take a pointed, rather than straight position.

It would help if you did this exercise slowly. For people starting, you can repeat this workout between 8 – 15 times. You can do between 2 – 4 sets of these 8 – 15 reps.

Tricep Extension

Perhaps, you have been wondering if you would get exercises that would involve weights. Well, here it is. You would need a dumbbell for this workout.

The dumbbell has to be held in a vertical position. One end of the weight should be directly facing the sky and the other end beneath it. The dumbbell should be held by both hands. This is in such a way that the thumb and index fingers of both hands are positioned under the upper part of the weight that faces up.

With the support of your hands, the weight should be brought to the back of your head at shoulder level. The next thing is to push the weight with your thumb and index fingers (of both hands) in the direction of the sky. For people starting, you can repeat this workout between 8 – 15 times. You can do between 2 – 4 sets of these 8 – 15 reps.

Of course, these are just a few of the exercises that you can do. For example, a lot of band resistance exercises will come in handy for toning your flabby arms. As stressed here, these exercises will not only help you lose weight in your arms. They will also help tone the muscle mass in your arms. So, make a conscious effort to do them if you want to tone your flabby muscles.

We understand if you want other weight loss-related content. We have more than enough for you. For instance, you can find out what to eat before a workout to build muscle.

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