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What Exercise Burns the Most Belly Fat at Home?

What Exercise Burns the Most Belly Fat at Home?

Many people with weight loss goals plan to lose belly fat. This is quite understandable as fat easily accumulates in this part of the body, compared to many other parts. Some people turn to belly reduction medicine to help reduce fat in this area. This is not advisable because of the adverse effects of some of these products. It is best to make the most of natural ways to reduce belly fat.

Can you Lose Belly Fat at Home?

Burning belly fat without any or constant visits to the gym is possible. The good thing about a lot of exercises that help burn belly fat is that they require little or no equipment. At most, a yoga mat, ball, and a kettlebell may be needed to do some exercises.

Provided you know how to go about the recommended belly-burning exercises, there may be no need to visit the gym. That is the essence of this article on the weight loss page of the International Health Alliance website. So, keep reading to be properly guided with your fitness workout.

Effective Ways to Lose Belly Fat at Home

You should not only be interested in losing belly fat but losing it in the best way possible. To lose belly fat in an effective manner, here are some things to take note of:

Watch your food intake

Not paying attention to your diet can ruin your chances of cutting down on belly fat. So, make sure your diet is composed of the right amount of calories. To reduce your belly fat and fat accumulated in other body parts, do not consume any more calories than needed. This is one of the ways to get the best result.

Sleep Well

For some people, the relationship between sleep and weight loss is a hard nut to crack. Well, the simple explanation is that your body’s metabolism is seriously at work while you sleep. It is busy burning more calories than it normally would while you are in this subconscious state. So, you should get enough sleep to burn that belly fat.


Exercise is not a stroll in the park. It can be discouraging when you feel the pain and pressure in your abs, core, legs, feet, knees, hands, and other areas within and around your belly.

The good side to it is that your body will adjust with time. But you need to be consistent for this to happen. Consistency also helps you get the desired result. So, ensure you exercise every day or multiple times every week (at least).

Exercises to Help Reduce Belly Fat

There is a very slim chance of reducing fat in one part of your body without addressing other parts. So, you should also make plans to lose weight generally. However, some fitness training that will help tone the muscles in your abs, core, and within and around your belly are briefly discussed below:


What you are required to do is to take a lying position on the floor or a mat positioned on the floor. However, the lying position will be such that your entire body is rested on your leg and your elbow. Then you should raise your head slightly high, as your eyes look forward.

Although your motion is restricted with this exercise, the muscles of your core, shoulders, glutes, abs, and biceps will thank you for this training. To add variety and enjoy more benefits, you can add a plank variation. You can twist your left leg in such a manner that it meets your right arm. The same applies to your right leg as it meets your left arm.

Heel Touch

This is one exercise that will benefit especially the lower parts of your belly. You take your position with your entire body resting backward on the floor. Then raise your knees as your legs move closer to your buttocks.

The next thing to do is to spread your legs in that position. It should be spread in such a way that it aligns with your hands. The goal is to have your right hand touching your right leg and the left hand touching your left leg intermittently. This would require some twisting that would tell positively on your belly.

These are just a few of the exercises you can make the most of. Others include – sit-ups, bicycle crunches, scissors kicks, crunches, high knees, half burpees, squat jumps, toe touches, side plank, and jumping jacks.

Do you want other relevant and interesting health information? Check other articles on the weight loss page of the International Health Alliance website. For example, you can find out how many calories you should eat a day to lose weight.

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