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How to Make Your Butt Bigger

How to Make Your Butt Bigger

Are you driven by the need to increase your bum size and shape because of some sexy jpg images? Whatever your reason is, the good news is that you can get your wish, although you will have to commit to doing the work. Just as it is possible to lose butt fat, it is likewise possible to make your butt bigger.

Doing the right exercises and eating the right diet will help make your butt bigger. Besides this, you need to understand that the goal of seeing your butt bigger will not be achieved overnight. So, trust the process as long as you make the right moves.

This also implies that you do your butt-enlarging exercises frequently. It would help a lot if you did your butt-enlarging fitness training every day. But at the very least, make sure to do it thrice every week.

Here in this article on the weight loss page of the International Health Alliance website, you will find out how to make your butt bigger with exercise and a proper diet. So, keep reading to stay informed.

Exercise for Bigger Butt

On a general note, you have to be mindful of the workout programs that you engage in. For starters, make sure you are aware of your body part or parts that will be impacted by the exercise. For example, while some fitness training help makes your butt bigger, some help you lose fat in your butt.

Seeing how exercise is an important step in either making your butt bigger or smaller, make sure to do the right exercises. Against this backdrop, two of the best exercises to help make your butt bigger and well-formed (as they impact your gluteus muscles) include the following:

Glute Bridges

The amazing thing about this butt-increasing exercise is that it does not only make your bum bigger. In addition, it impacts the glutes around your hip. Its impact on the glute muscles around your hips is one of the reasons it can give your bum an appealing shape. By and large, it will help your glute muscles. This justifies this exercise as one of the best for making your butt bigger.

The starting position requires that you lay flat on the floor with your face facing the sky, and your hands beside your hips. Thereafter, you bring each leg towards your butt. You would do it in such a way that your knees are raised and each leg is a few inches away from your butt. Also, make sure each knee aligns with the other. Right above your hips, make sure it is flat on the ground. You may want to check with your hands.

The idea is to raise your butt and the upper part of your body in the process. The lower part of your body (excluding your feet) will move slightly. We recommend doing 3 sets of between 10 – 20 reps for a start. As you become used to it, you can increase the reps to 30 and even do as many as 4 – 5 sets.

Weight Squat

This butt-increasing exercise is like regular squats, except that you are holding your weight in addition to each squat. You should start by standing up straight with a dumbbell held with both hands. Next, make sure your feet are spread shoulder-width apart.

Afterward, raise the weight upwards between your chest and have your arms right by your side. Mind you, in the absence of a dumbbell, you can also make do with a barbell. You would just have to place it right over your shoulders.

Push your butt backward as you bend at knee level. The last thing would be looking directly at your front. The idea is to stay still in this position. For a start, we recommend staying still in this position for between 10 – 20 seconds. You should do 3 sets. As you become used to it, you can stay still for 30 seconds and do as many as 4 – 5 sets.

This exercise ranks among the best for making your butt bigger. However, it requires consistency. So, make sure to do it every day. At the very least, commit to doing it no less than 3 – 4 times every week.

Diet for a Bigger Butt

Your food content should be geared toward helping you get a bigger butt. This is why you have to prioritize certain food classes over others. On this note, protein is one that you cannot joke with as it will help with muscle building.

So, ensure protein makes up a huge part of your food content. This is especially the kind considered lean protein. In addition to protein, make sure to consume a good amount of fruits, veggies, calcium, and even healthy fat. By and large, some of the foods you can eat include:

  • Quinoa
  • Soya nuts
  • Eggs
  • Sweet Potato
  • Salmon
  • Beans
  • Cottage cheese

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