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How Long Does Magnesium Stay in Your Body

How Long Does Magnesium Stay in Your Body?

People need to know a lot more about magnesium intake. This will influence their decision to consume this mineral as they should. Magnesium deficiency can open you up to a whole lot of health problems. The extreme risk factors associated with a disease like (type 2) diabetes can be triggered by low magnesium intake.

On the other hand, some mild to several health complications may be traced to excessively high magnesium intake. Diarrhea, and cramping (including nausea), are some of the symptoms that could suggest excessive magnesium intake.

This article (study) on the nutrition page of the International Health Alliance website aims at discussing magnesium in various regards. In the spirit of ensuring proper nutrition, keep reading this dietary study to stay informed.

Factors that Influence the Duration of the Magnesium Mineral’s Stay in the Body

Magnesium as a mineral has its peculiarities. For one, a lot of the consumed magnesium concentration in your body is lost through the excretion processes. Just a bit of what your body consumed ends up benefiting the body. But even at that, there are many positive effects of magnesium. On the subject of how long it stays in your body, this is determined by so many common and uncommon factors including:

Levels of Some Other Minerals and Vitamins

Calcium and vitamin D are perfect examples as calcium and vitamin D levels influence how long magnesium stays in your body. Several clinical studies on the Pubmed health resource platform and also as observed on the Google Scholar platform have indicated this.


The duration of magnesium’s stay in the body is not the same for women and men. Normally, men require more magnesium than their women counterparts. This is also a result of how long it stays in their body and other internal body pressure.


The duration of magnesium’s stay in the body is not the same for adults and children. Adults need more of this mineral compared to children. This is also down to how long it stays in the body at these different life stages.

Health State

Patients with certain chronic diseases do not process magnesium as normal people do. This alters how magnesium would normally function in their body. So, being in a healthy or unhealthy state also counts.

Mode of Absorption

Magnesium would most likely stay much longer in the body if its intake is through supplementation. Magnesium supplementation is the use of a magnesium supplement or supplements to augment the supply of magnesium through traditional dietary means.

How Magnesium Supports Healthy Living

Some of the ways magnesium does help support healthy living include the following:

  • Blood Regulation – The essential function of blood regulation is why magnesium is used in the treatment of health complications like eclampsia. By keeping high blood levels lower than they are, symptoms of eclampsia like seizures can be avoided or well managed. In some cases, it can alleviate the effects of food poisoning that affect proper blood regulation.
  • Heart Support – Magnesium does help the heart by regulating ion transporters in your body. This helps your heart perform its function of modulating – intracardiac conduction, neuronal excitation, and myocardial contraction (as observed through studies conduction by Pubmed)
  • Muscle and Bone Support – This is by supporting the strength and mass of both the muscle and bone

We can go on to mention the importance of magnesium as a mineral that the body needs. Considering how important it is, it should be consumed in proper amounts. This is why periodic testing for magnesium levels in the body is essential. The serum test can be used to find out magnesium levels in the body.

This would be important in avoiding magnesium deficiency and all the risk that comes with it. Conversely, it would prevent the symptoms that come with consuming high amounts of magnesium.

There are other nutrition-related contents on the nutrition page of the International Health Alliance website. You can go through them to be better informed. For example, you can read the study on how much water you should drink a day.

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