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Do Your Feet Get Smaller When You Lose Weight?

Do Your Feet Get Smaller When You Lose Weight?

Sequel to losing weight, have you tried fitting your foot into your shoe only to realize it feels smaller? Or is it just one of those wide imaginations? Absolutely not! You are very correct.

Weight loss, especially significant loss of body fat, is capable of making your feet smaller. This can be such that there will be the need for a change of shoe size. But how is this capable of making your feet shrink?

We have expert answers here on the weight loss page of the International Health Alliance website. So, read on to find out how this works.

Losing Foot Weight Is Possible

Many individuals are well aware of how it is possible to lose weight in certain parts. For example, there are posts (even on this platform) on how to lose fat in the butt, arm, face, and several other body parts.

However, there are very few posts and tips to help people who would love to decrease the size of their feet. Well, there should be no problems getting rid of just a few pounds in your feet when you know what needs to be done. The effect can be so significant that there may be a need to change each pair of shoes for the best fit.

The same applies to every area around and beneath the ankle. An example is your heel. Specifically, certain cardio exercise programs are great for this purpose. This is especially as they support improved muscle and bone in the feet. Some of these cardio exercise programs that support weight reduction in the feet require running.

Can You Lose Weight in the Feet Alone?

Spot reduction is nearly impossible as noted by many fitness experts. This is because accumulated fat in other parts will keep making its way into areas where spot reduction was conducted.

The best bet would be to lose weight in all body parts. This way, overweight individuals can experience a decrease in the size of all body parts. This includes their feet as well.

However, surgical options exist for those insistent on spot-reducing their feet. Quick changes can happen with cosmetic foot surgery.

So this is an option for those who think it’s bigger than it should be and cannot deal with it any longer. However, there are various implications for such decisions. For starters, there is a cost implication as it can cost an arm and a leg. This is as far as some are concerned. Post-surgery pain is another thing to factor in, among other things.

What Makes It Possible for the Feet to Get Smaller During Weight Loss?

Some of the explainable reasons include the following:

Impact of General Fat Loss

Every person has an ideal weight and size. This is usually determined by factors such as Basal Metabolic Rate, Genetics, and a couple of other things. Being overweight means extra fat stored up than ideal.

It will find its home in various parts. That includes each foot. So burning calories might cause you to reduce the size of what you wear on your feet. This is as the extra fat stored in the feet is eliminated or reduced.

Decrease in Pressure

The feet are in a strategic position. This is especially when standing and running. They are exposed to pressure, especially when standing or running.

As a result, swelling that leads to increased foot size is possible. This is thanks to the impact of this pressure on areas such as the arch, as well as ligaments in this area.

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